Candle Making Tips: How to make better candles (Journey)

Okay, I'll share with you a little secret if you don't tell anybody. Here's an insider on Loved & Beyond's journey, did you know that the very first Loved & Beyond candle that we made was actually made out of Crayola crayons?! Yes, you heard that correct haha, it is mind-boggling to us as well, to see how much we have grown over these years.

Let's be honest, there are more than a hundred different candle companies that too just in Toronto, the market is super dense, and everyday somebody decides to start a candle business. It is wonderful to be a part of this community where we have not only seen our own growth but also witnessed the growth of fellow candle makers with whom we share very close ties. But that being said, not many of the candle businesses survive more than a year because the process is very hard and full of challenges.


Our candles from January 2018

Our candles from January 2018, this is when we started experimenting with our candle containers, the search was on for designing our candles that fit well with the brand philosophy and the brand identity that we had set out to create. 


How hard can making a candle be? You'll be surprised by the hundred challenges that must be overcome in order to make a candle that meets your standards. Staying in this business takes grit and constant input and constant moulding of yourself, only then can one excel past the challenges.

Screenshot of our candles from December 2017!

Here's an archived post showcasing the time during which we were working hard to find our brand, what worked for us, what did not work for us. We had decided to embrace the notion of evolution from very early on and were not afraid to experiment even when things worked. Changing something that is working, and taking the risk because you believe that it could be better, that is a true sign of success in our opinion. 


The journey from making a crayon candle, to realizing that that was a very bad idea, to going back to the drawing board and spending years of on-going research time, that takes dedication and the motivation to keep going despite the numerous challenges that we will face.
There is no perfect formula for a candle maker to use, everybody who joins this community has to go through trial and error to figure out the process for themselves, and that is the beauty of it, because only through that trial and error did we learn valuable lessons that allowed us to make the candles that we make today and make the candles that are unique.


Loved and Beyond Candles Showcased with other products and businesses from Ontario, collaboration with The Brighhouse Farm

Loved and Beyond Candles Showcased with other products and businesses from Ontario, collaboration with The Brighthouse Farm



The process of learning has allowed us to create a brand, such that if you were to spot our candles in a shop, you'll instantly go, "Oh yeah, that's Loved & Beyond!" and that is something that we are very proud of and grateful for. The harder the journey, the better the rewards. If you want to achieve results, then keep trying to find the answers when the journey becomes difficult.


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