Moods & Reveries: The Process of Creating the Candle Collection

Discover the process that went behind coming up with Moods & Reveries, the Collection: 

Loved & Beyond Studio has become more than a business for us. For us, it is our passion that goes beyond just making a product, but rather putting our love into creating something that will be loved.
Our passion for handcrafting candles has allowed us to channel our creative energy and pursue the creation of our latest collection: Moods & Reveries.

bergamot + magnolia wrapped candles, both sizes

For us, it was important to find a way to capture feelings into something tangible. Translating the subtle but such revered feelings and nostalgic reveries, moods like reopening love letters that aged well, or sun rays caressing your skin during an afternoon bask, or the fond memories of lounging in the veranda when an ocean breeze carries the whiff from overgrown mogra vines; these were the memories that we wanted to capture and thus we set out to create thirteen unique fragrance blends.

This process took time, but it taught us a valuable lesson in candle making. Having patience when it came to crafting fragrance blends allowed us to create blends that went from mediocre to something that was unique and fit well to our brand of handcrafting with love.

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